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Summer Camp Mount Litera Zee School Wagholi,Pune. Education is not learning the facts but training the mind to think – Albert Einstein Training the mind to work creatively, commending and using the knowledge in real life situations should be the aim of our society. Many of us define education as acquisition of information, and rely a lot on rote learning. To change this notion, Mount Litera Zee School, Wagholi has...
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Mount Litera - Biology and Chemistry
Technology is a Mandatory part of us in this era. It’s made connecting and accessing data speedy and easy but did you know it can also help us develop our Cognitive skills Cell phones are the best way to play these kind of games sessions are usually short and...
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Mount Litera -Cbse School wagholi Pune
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Heard that quote before right? The famous quote is from none other than our beloved Thomas Edison. The inventor of the bulb. Had he given up on his idea we’d be in the dark. Literally! Failures are as important as Success and these stories of our much loved
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Mount Litera-Blog2
Kids of this age have more options to eat than we ever did, they would eat anything that looks and tastes good. But does what they eat contain any nutrition? Why does nutritious food have to be boring anyway? Everyone is so focused on eating healthy these days, that they forget whether
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